...found something of interest. 

middle of night

awake in bed

staring at the ceiling

turning to find comfort

for three hours straight...

the object was hardly foreign in spirit

but the shape was surprising

I'd seen it before

a few times throughout my life

a piece of art

a sculpture

an artifact



a movie

close encounters of the third kind

sitting in my theater chair

the bay theater

the moment the actor connects

the sculpture

with the monument on the television



as i cut, hack, chop

chisel the log

with unrelenting fervor

my wife is wondering

checking on me




so am I



717 toyopa dr.


the sun was setting

a ticking started in my head

a moment of awareness

i was running around the front yard


when it started

feelin like an airplane

zooming the tree trunks

feelin like a dune buggy

hoppin the hedges

I slowed down when I felt it

then stopped to see if it would keep going

thought there was something stuck

in my hair

clicking off my skull

while running around


standing still as can be

totally at random

few and far between

1 second click

5 seconds click        click

20 seconds click

2 seconds click         click

what the heck

was it in my head

was someone working near by

in a garage or somethin

tappin at somethin

sounds bouncing off surfaces

playing tricks with me

i looked around


no one was there

i mean the neighborhood street

was completely empty of anyone

something about it

felt super rad

gave me a  sudden rush of euphoria



click click

like a droplets of water

tapping the top center of my skull

in morse code


wish i knew morse code

then it stopped